About us
We are the countertop division of Quartz Inc., a mining major
We present to you, Mozaqua - our natural, handcrafted, backlit stone mosaic.
We also introduce our new Grandiosa collection - which is revolutionary countertop system that is fully customisable and unbelievably economical.
Installed kitchen using serengeti mosaic
square kilometers of quartz mines
craftsmen engaged in individually handcrafting each Mozaqua slab
days to finish one Mozaqua slab to our exacting standard
slab that is individually unique -
just like YOU!

At Mozaqua, we are passionate about:

  • bringing mother nature to you in as natural a form as possible

  • bringing traditional handcrafting methods to life and making them affordable

In this age of "engineered" stones and economics-driven production practices, our approach sure seems old fashioned. But we would just not have it any other way. As a result, our slabs are translucent. And each slab is bespoke - just like our customers.




Updates to your kitchen and bathrooms are few of the most important improvements you can make to your home. Commercial establishments find value in updating their reception areas, bar areas, etc.

The kitchen is the one room that can truly stand out as an inspirational showpiece of your property. It is the one room where family and friends will congregate and share wonderful times. You and your family deserve the best kitchen countertop there is: each slab of Mozaqua is hand-crafted from chunks of real quartz with love and attention to detail.


Check out Mozaqua yourself and experience the difference it makes to your home.